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Get background info about the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and our events, read our latest press releases, and more.

Latest Press Releases


December 20, 2016: Twenty Chambers Across Ontario Call For Deferral Of Cap And Trade

February 8, 2016: Newmarket Wins EDCO Innovative Community Award for Collaborative Community Ecosystem

July 8, 2015: Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and Provincial Chamber Address the Impact of Rising Electricity Costs on Business.

JUNE 25, 2015: Newmarket Chamber Wins Grand Award in International Communications Competition

​Fact Sheets

Learn more about the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and get information on our programs and signature events.


Newmarket Home & Lifestyle Show 

Read our Home Show Fact Sheet for the March 2015 event.

In the News

As the voice of business in Newmarket, we’re regularly asked for our two cents and we’re happy to oblige!

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