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Smart Commute Central York (SCCY) 

Don’t let your productivity get stuck in traffic

Smart Commute Central York (SCCY), a program of the Central York Chamber of Commerce, works to reduce traffic congestion and take action on climate change in workplaces and school zones across the Central York area. The program provides a range of services, tools, and campaigns to promote active and sustainable travel options.

Employer benefits include:

  • Expert resources: workplaces surveys, site assessments, workshops, and carpool parking management systems

  • Emergency Ride Home program services

  • Reduced parking requirements

  • Improved employee recruitment, retention, and work satisfaction

  • Enhanced corporate image

  • Incentivized employee campaigns


Active School Travel (AST) Program

Smart Commute Central York (SCCY) is working with six pilot schools in Newmarket to create safer school zones by alleviating traffic congestion and promoting active travel methods. The program includes:

  • Traffic enhancements: Red curbs to indicate no parking zones, road and sidewalk stencils
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Community and school-focused communications and campaigns
  • On-site observations

Discover the Smart Commute App

  • Find a carpool partner
  • Discover and compare travel options
  • Track your impacts
  • Money saved, calories burned, and CO2 reductions
  • Participate in challenges and campaigns with chances to win great prizes.


For additional information visit Smart Commute Central York or contact us at

Smart Commute Central York is a program of the Central York Chamber of Commerce, funded by the Regional Municipality of York and the Town of Newmarket.

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