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Advocacy Win: Employer-provided Health Benefits 

Recently, we asked you to reach out to your Member of Parliament and call on them to oppose legislation that would tax Health and Dental Benefits. Last week, the Prime Minister announced that any such legislation is no longer on the table. Collectively, we told the federal government that this legislation would harm all Canadians and impact the middle class the most. They listened because we spoke out. This is a win, not just for the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce but also for you as a business owner.

Thank you for raising your voice on this issue. In unity, we became a powerful voice of reason. We will continue to monitor activity on this file but for now, let's celebrate our success!

The change could also significantly impact Business owners as many offer health care benefits as an incentive during the hiring process.

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More About Advocacy

The Chamber works directly with both the Town of Newmarket and regional government. At the provincial and federal levels, we are represented by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, respectively.

The Chamber network represents 200,000 businesses and is the largest and most influential business association in Canada.

In addition to ongoing research and monitoring from the Chamber network, member concerns and input play a critical role in driving advocacy efforts. The Chamber’s Advocacy Committee plays a key role in the identification, monitoring, and improvement of issues that affect Chamber members.

The Chamber keeps members up to date on business issues, and our advocacy work through email communications and updates to the Chamber website. (You’ll find our media releases here).

Advocacy: Who Does What

LOCAL: Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

We leverage the skills and knowledge of our members to advocate locally on behalf of business to foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses and helps to increase the vibrancy of the Newmarket community.

The Chamber has a seat on the Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee (NEDAC) which is comprised of business leaders as well as the Mayor and Regional Councillor. NEDAC provides strategic advice to Council and staff on facilitating and promoting long-term economic growth that is both sustainable and balanced, and beneficial to Newmarket and its residents. 

The Chamber is also an active part of the Community Innovation Team which helps develop civic-led approaches to prosperity, economic development, and social innovation.

PROVINCIAL: Ontario Chamber of Commerce

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) researches and develops policy positions with the goal of making Ontario an attractive place to invest and do business. Policies are shaped with the help of OCC’s members through its policy resolution process, which informs its advocacy efforts for the coming year.

The OCC’s policy committee and task forces leverage the expertise of its board of directors, and corporate and local chamber membership to help shape the OCC policy process.

FEDERAL: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce connects businesses of all sizes, sectors and from all regions. Its policy committees research and develop policies on a variety of issues with the power to impact Canadian business and its members. Committees’ positions are then communicated to the larger membership, as well as the federal government, foreign governments, the Canadian media and the public.

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