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Ribbon Cutting Do's and Don'ts

20 Aug 2019

The Chamber has been to a lot of grand openings and ribbon cutting ceremonies over the years. Here’s some tips to help ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch.  


DO Spread the word 

Grand openings are often smaller events made up of family and friends, clients and sometimes neighbour businesses. If you’re hoping for a lot of attendees, sales and specials can be a great way to draw people in. Spread the word on social media and encourage those in your circle to do the same. And get those invites out early. If you want the Mayor and your ward councillor to attend, it’s important to call the Town as soon as you have your date. Don’t forget to book the jumbo-sized scissors we make available to all members!  


DO Write it down 

While you don’t want to be reading off cue cards during your big day, it’s a good idea to at least roughly script out what you want to say. For example, thank everyone for coming, provide a brief overview of your business, tell them why they’re there and introduce team members.  


DON’T Be Late 

Don’t waste your guests’ time by failing to stay on schedule. Allow for about five minutes for everyone to say hello and get settled. Stick to your allotted time for speeches and photos and follow that with networking. The average ribbon cutting is usually no more than hour or two at most, so keep that in mind when planning your event. 


DON’T Forget the Food 

Food is a terrific way to get people to stick around and check out your facility. There’s no need to spring for a lavish feast but some finger foods and cake are always a hit. A good-looking cake also makes for a great pic. 


DO Plan Your Pics 

Aim to have your logo or branding in the background of your ribbon cutting pic. If you’ve got a store front and the weather is cooperating, head outside for your official ceremony and photos. Be sure to invite the Chamber and media to your event. 


Leslee Mason
29 Nov, 2019

Join us every Friday when we explore some of Newmarket's tastiest restaurants. It's a little something we like to call #fridayfeast!


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