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Advocacy Reports


Economic Impacts of the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017

This Economic Impact Analysis on Bill 148 reveals significant, sudden and sizable uncertainty for Ontario jobs, businesses and communities. The Keep Ontario Working coalition's commissioned analysis by CANCEA concludes it will put 185,000 jobs at risk.




Talent in Transition


Talent in Transition: Addressing the Skills Mismatch in Ontario identifies opportunities to better align the skills acquired by Ontarians with those required in the labour market. The data included within the report, along with consultation with our members, indicates that Ontario businesses are finding it more and more challenging to recruit properly qualified talent.





Ten Ways to Build Canada

This report outlines 10 ways to increase competitiveness and economic growth in the Canadian economy. This is a time of both challenge and opportunity for Canada. The global economy’s slow growth and the rising tide of protectionism and geopolitical insecurity provide an uncertain canvas on which to paint the Canadian picture. 





2017 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission

In our 2017 Pre-Budget Submission, the Newmarket Chamber asked the provincial government to support economic growth by expanding access to broadband. CRTC recently declared Broadband to be an essential service and we urged the Ontario government to capitalize on this by bridging the broadband gap and promoting competitive access to the next generation of fibre optic networks.




Ontario Economic Report

The data included within the report, along with consultation with our members, will form the four critical areas of advocacy in 2017: Skills & Workforce Development; Environment & Infrastructure; Health Transformation; and Energy & Electricity.




Crystal Ball Report

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s annual Crystal Ball Report discusses the impact of the Trump administration's protectionist policy on the Canadian Business sector. 





Health Transformation Report

The Health Transformation Report is the final report that the Chamber Network has advocated on with respect to the Health Care Action Plan. The three strategic recommendations for governments are; shift Ontario towards a value-based health care system, modernize procurement and supply chain processes, and better integrate Ontario’s discoveries and innovations into the public health care system.



Care in our Control: Managing Innovation in Ontario’s Multi-Payer Health Care System

Care in our Control: Managing Innovation in Ontario’s Multi-Payer Health Care System, advocates for a new strategy to deal with this problem through the creation of a Health Cabinet which would be a collaborative effort aimed at utilizing and combining the expertise of industry, research and academia.




Leading the Charge

This report calls on the Ontario Government to move away from a central procurement model to a more competitive capacity market. 



Closing the Tourism Gap

The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and other local chambers undertook a study on the impact of tourism within the province with the aim of gathering data on the economic effect the industry may have on businesses in Ontario.




An Analysis of the Adoption of Internet Based Technology

This report by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce utilizes survey data to examine the obstacles preventing Canadian businesses from adopting technology such as technical barriers, the costs related to software and hardware and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. 

Leslee Mason
19 Dec, 2017

Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Betters Jobs Act, 2017 is now in force, and it has substantially changed the landscape of employment and Labour Law in Ontario. 

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