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Help keep your employees and our community safe with FREE COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Screening Kits

  • Free for all Newmarket businesses with 150 employees or less

  • Asymptomatic employees test themselves twice a week

  • Results take 15-20 minutes

How Does the Program Work?

  • Begin by designating a “Screening Supervisor” responsible for overseeing the program in your workplace. (This person is also responsible for submitting all results on the Newmarket Chamber website.)
  • To receive Self Screening Tests, you must sign up following the outlined steps below. Employers can order a two-week supply of kits and may reorder on the Chamber’s website as needed.
  • Prior to receiving tests, the Screening Supervisor must submit an order (this includes a Provincial Antigen Screening Program or PASP agreement) and watch a short training video. 
  • Once your order is received, the Newmarket Chamber will contact you to arrange pick up. Please do not visit the Chamber outside that pick-up time.
  • Employees administer their own tests under the guidance of the Screening Supervisor. Generally, this is done twice a week.
  • Self-Screening Tests must be done in conjunction with regular COVID-19 workplace screening as well as infection prevention and control measures such as mandatory mask use and physical distancing. Anyone who tests presumed positive, or inconclusive, is required to self-isolate and get a standard PCR test as soon as possible.
  • The Screening Supervisor is required to report the total number of tests completed, as well as the number of positive, negative and inconclusive tests on the Newmarket Chamber’s website.  This is currently required every testing day.

    PLEASE NOTE: THE TESTS ARE FOR USE WITH ASYMPTOMATIC EMPLOYEES ONLY.   (For example, you cannot use these kits to screen customers, clients, patients, etc.) Please read our FAQs HERE.








The Process

STEP 1: Assign a Screening Supervisor

Your Screening Supervisor Designate is your contact person and the individual who is responsible for the training, administration of kits, pickup of kits, and providing all screening results to the chamber.

STEP 2: Submit Your Order

Fill out and submit the Self Screening Kits Order form and the Provincial Antigen Screening agreement. (If you have multiple businesses, please fill out one form per business.)  You must watch the training video prior to picking up your kits for the first time.

The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce will notify you of pick up time and date. Please only pick up during your designated time.

STEP 3: Complete the COVID-19 Screener

Please call us from the Chamber parking lot to go through the COVID-19 screener. The number is 905-898-5900 ext. 228. Please do not enter the building until this step is completed.

STEP 4: Pick Up 

Pick up your kits at the Newmarket Chamber office at your appointed time. The Chamber is at 470 Davis Drive, across from the COVID testing centre.

Please designate just one person to pick up kits. 

STEP 5: Report Your Results

In order to participate in the Workplace Self Screening program, all participants must agree to report screening results each testing day.

26 Jul, 2021

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