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Must-Have Monday: Claire's Picks

07 Jun 2021

By Claire Chappell

Shopping and supporting local businesses have always been a passion of mine, so I thought it would be fun to kick off our new Must-have Mondays with three of my favourite buys. 


Belgian Milk Chocolate, fraktals  

fraktals handmade chocolate buttercrunchfraktals’ unmatched Belgian Milk Chocolate has always been a favourite of mine. Organic maple syrup-sweetened buttercrunch, Belgian milk chocolate and cashews… all in one bite? YUM!  

Pop over to Vince’s in Newmarket or Sharon to pick up a bag to share or keep for yourself (I don’t judge!). You can also head over to to order any of their tasty treats online.  


Photo: Courtesy of fraktals


Chicken Tinga Tacos and Guac & Chips, Ghost Taco 

Ghost TacoIf you’re a fan of trying new pop-up kitchens, might I suggest Ghost Taco from Event Mrkt? It’s so good it’s scary! From taco bowls to wings, there’s something for every taco fan, but my hands-down go-to is always Chicken Tingo Tacos–shredded chicken simmered in adobo sauce, topped with pico de gallo, kale slaw, pickled jalapeno and garlic crema. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. 

To get the full experience, I suggest pairing their tacos with a side of fresh guac & chips and a frozen margarita. Their frozen margaritas honestly taste like a tropical vacation.  

Visit Ghost Taco this week and see for yourself! 

Photo: Claire Chappell

Iced Latte, Metropolis Mercantile + Café  

Iced latte from MetropolisEveryone I know raves about Metropolis Mercantile + Cafe–especially their coffee, and for good reason... it’s delicious!  

Last June, their popular iced latte was my reward for finishing a 6K walk, in participation of Heart & Stroke’s (virtual) Ride for Heart. It was a hot, early morning, and I dreamed about their iced latte the entire way–and, let me tell you, Metropolis did not disappoint!  

The tasty, balanced iced latte was the exact kick that I needed to walk home.  

Along with brewing delicious coffee, the shop is a treat for the eyes–filled with unique, locally sourced and socially responsible artisan products.  

Stop by their Coffee Bar after Friday, June 11, and who knows, maybe I’ll see you there! 

Photo: Courtesy of Metropolis Mercantile + Café  


We'd love to hear about your favourite local businesses! Message us on Instagram and Facebook.  

See you next Monday when we share some of our Must-have Father's Day gifts.


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