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In the last year alone, the world has undergone a radical transformation causing disruption to the global supply chain, and the rise of nationalist and protectionist sentiments. 

What does that mean for York Region businesses and future growth? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead?

Join the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce for an Economic Summit, created to drive the conversation on evolving York Region for a post-COVID economy, and help prepare business leaders for the emerging economic landscape.

We’ll be joined by industry experts across a variety of sectors, including energy, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, innovation, agri-food and more. They will provide insight into:

  • Businesses that have already pivoted and adapted to the COVID environment and what that means for their long-term operations 
  • Opportunities that will emerge in the ecosystem
  • Pragmatic solutions (digitization, automation) for businesses to position themselves for success in the future economy.

Attending the Economic Summit will help York Region business leaders prepare, understand and adapt their operations for this innovation driven economy.




Agenda and Panel Information 



Leslee Mason
04 Sep, 2020

Newmarket has more than 200 years as a community under its belt. Plaques and markers spotlighting Newmarket’s rich history can be found throughout the older areas of Town, making it a great walking destination.


Funding Assistance, Government Response and More

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