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Business Thrives Conference 2021


Without doubt, the effects of the pandemic for small, new and growing businesses have been catastrophic. This is a hard time to grow a local business. Coronavirus has likely forced you to make big changes to the way you operate. It’s almost certainly hit your bottom line too.

But, equally without doubt, there are practices of entrepreneurial resilience that will contribute to renewal and growth in the post pandemic world. It’s still absolutely possible to grow your local business at a time like this.

Join a team of business leaders from the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University and some local business leaders to learn how to grow your business in 2021.

Featuring - Jeff MacInnis: The Business Race

Today, business is the biggest, most competitive race of all. Start-ups have begun to disrupt and displace legacy brands at a rapid rate, and the average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company has dropped by more than half—with no signs of stopping. Every year, it seems like the amount of competitors in any given industry multiplies. So how can you stay ahead?

Jeff MacInnis knows a thing or two about racing, whether it be World Cup Downhill Skiing, the grueling Eco-Challenge race, or the 400-year race to be the first to sail the Northwest Passage. Through these experiences, MacInnis has developed six “Race Principles” that he applies to history, politics, and business. In this insightful, inspiring talk, he’ll show you how to leverage those lessons in day-to-day operations, ensuring your organization is leading, not lagging, in the race to be best.


$40.00- Chamber/Board of Trade Member - 2 Day Business Thrives February 2nd & 4th

$25.00 - Chamber/Board of Trade Member -1 Day Only

Non-Members additonal $5.00 - Per Day

09 Aug, 2021

Must-Have Monday: Savoury & Sweet 

By Claire Chappell 

There are so many delicious treats available locally we couldn’t cram it all into one post! Here’s part two of our look at savoury and sweet delights from some of our members.  


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