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The BombBomb Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Program

Newmarket Chamber member? Visit the Newmarket Chamber's BombBomb page and sign up for your free 14-day trial 


Video is currently one of the best marketing strategies out there and it’s the strategy of the future, as businesses find new and inventive ways to use the medium to reach customers. 

BombBomb makes it easy. Use it to create simple videos to build relationships through email, text messages, and social media. Build trust faster, convert more leads, and generate more referrals by delivering more of your messages “in person.” 

What a great way for your business to increase engagement and value!

Put the “YOU” back into your messages.

BombBomb has partnered with the Newmarket Chamber to help members put themselves back into their communications. From email marketing to lead management to social sharing and more, Newmarket Chamber members gain access to an entire suite of video tools at a big discount!

No matter the channel of your digital communication, video is a great way to build a connection and express your message clearly and effectively. BombBomb helps you truly connect when more common and faceless typed-out text gets ignored.

According to a survey conducted by BombBomb, of those who use software to send video emails:

  • 81% say they receive more replies.

  • 87% indicate they get more click throughs.

  • 68% report converting have converted more leads.

  • 90% say they stay in touch more effectively and 

  • 56% say they get more referrals than text emails. 

As a member of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, you’ll enjoy exclusive savings on BombBomb. 


Animated Preview

  • BombBomb automatically generates a 3-second animation for your video, so your customers see your face right away.

Screen Recording

  • Record yourself, your screen, or both to review documents, give presentations, or educate your prospects and clients.

Follow Up

  • Get live notifications of who watched your video and when so you can reach back out. You can even see how long people watch your videos.

No Attachments

  • No downloads, no links, and no attachments. People see you right away and simply click to start playing your video.

More Flexibility

  • BombBomb hosts your live recordings and uploaded videos. Unlimited videos. Unlimited length. And files up to 2GB in size (that’s huge!).

Every Device

  • Inbox, mobile, and web—record from any device and have people play it back on any device. And there’s way more than advertised!


Increase your conversion rate.

Would it help to know when and why to follow up?

  • BombBomb tracks every engagement with your sends and gives you alerts, notifications, and reports so you can follow up more efficiently and effectively.
  • Video provides a deeper, more intimate level of engagement. When people see and hear you, it’s actually you.
  • Track the engagement of one person or of many people at the same time. Spend more time on the people who are truly interested based on their actual behavior instead of those who aren’t.
  • Tracking summaries, relationship scores, list segmenting on actions and non-actions, and other insights empower you to prioritize your follow up.
  • Live alerts and notifications when people open, click, or play let you know exactly who to follow up with and gives you a reason to connect again.

As a member of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, you’ll enjoy exclusive savings on BombBomb. 

Sign up for BombBomb through the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and receive a 20% discount!

Get started today!

Visit the Newmarket Chamber BombBomb page and sign up for a 14-day Free Trial. 

Meet Your Canadian BombBomb Partner & Affiliate

Javed S. Khan, International Speaker & Founder of EMpression: A Marketing Services Company, has partnered with BombBomb to provide training and support to participating Canadian chambers. 

In particular, EMpression will offer free video seminars focused on the power of video as part of an email marketing strategy and best practices to engage with your current audience, drive dialogue, find new prospects, and build relationships.  


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