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Meet the Awesome Foundation Newmarket Trustees

There are many things that make Awesome Foundation Newmarket, well, awesome. A big one is where the money comes from. Rather than a charity, the Awesome Foundation is like a giving circle; each month, 10 trustees give $100 of their own money to fund the grant. Why do they do it? Here’s what some of them had to say:



Meet our AWESOME trustees! Each month, this terrific crew each donates $100 to help form our $1,000 Awesome Foundation Newmarket grant. Put simply, our chapter couldn’t exist without them. So a big shout out and many thanks to (top row L to R) Diane Farmer (Dean of Awesomeness) David Faingold, Darryl Gray, Giancarlo Trimarchi, Jackie Playter, Juliane Goyette, (front row L to R) Hollie Hoadley, Kevin Murdoch, Tracy Macgregor and Wasim Jarrah. 






Darryl Gray: Why the Awesome Foundation? Simply put, the path to a better community leads through the garden of giving. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work and volunteer with so many committed, kind and caring people over the years, both across the GTA and here at home in Newmarket, and I’m excited to join with this great group of friends, colleagues and community leaders as we come together to support the next generation of young people in lighting the route to a brighter future.

David Faingold, SimpleTech Inc.: “Although Newmarket is a relatively new home to me, I feel so welcome and rooted here. I think it is important to support others who feel strongly towards making our home town a better place to live for all its citizens. The Awesome Foundation enables me to support ideas other than my own that will aid in the prosperity of all.”

Diane Farmer, Dean of Awesomeness: “I am an Awesome trustee because I care about my community. I endeavour to help when I see the need, and I believe that by helping children succeed we are making the world a better place. I truly care about people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances and want to lend a hand up.”

Giancarlo Trimarchi, Vince's Market: Building community is about supporting others in their aspirations and realizing their goals. A little bit of financial help can go a long way. Sometimes, just knowing that someone else believes in your ideas and visions can give you that extra motivation to push forward and see it through. Being an Awesome Foundation Trustee is one small way to give back and supporting amazing individuals and organizations in Newmarket accomplish great things!

Hollie Hoadley, Creative Solutions: “There are a few reasons I wanted to become an Awesome Foundation Trustee. One is to give back to the community and to watch youth flourish by having someone believe in them and their cause. Two, to be a part of the greater vision of Newmarket and to support the people in it. And three, to have the opportunity to be a part of awesome things happening to awesome people.” 

Kevin Murdoch, The Murdoch Group, Private Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities:  “I became an Awesome Foundation Trustee as over my many years in the community, I have witnessed the community grow and flourish because of the amazing people that have stepped out of their comfort zones to make a difference. I am a big believer in a quote from my friend Mike Lipkin ‘We are all angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another.’  I believe and became part of the Awesome Foundation as it allows us to give financial help to someone Awesome endeavoring to make a difference for others. It allows us to add our wings to help another fly.”

Jackie Playter, Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home: “All children should be able to follow their dreams despite some financial barriers. I feel that we should do all we can to nurture them and help them grow to their full potential. If I hadn’t had the support of the Lions Club and Salvation Army and many wonderful people I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Juliane Goyette:
“I love our community of Newmarket and I want to be a part of making it the best that it can be.  Youth are our future and I love seeing ‘awesome’ ideas being implemented to help them in any way possible.”

Tracy Macgregor, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce: “Newmarket is among the top 25 places to live and work.  We have to continually commit to making it a vibrant and supportive community and striving for ways to make it better for our youth is one way of accomplishing that.  Who wouldn’t want a little more awesome?”

Wasim Jarrah, Concierge Real Estate by Wasim: “I became a trustee to give people the opportunity to make their awesome ideas a reality, and in turn make a positive difference in other people’s lives. I also wanted to see current ‘awesome’ ideas expanded to reach more people through the contributions of the foundation.”


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