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Meet the Awesome Foundation Newmarket Trustees

There are many things that make Awesome Foundation Newmarket, well, awesome. A big one is where the money comes from. Rather than a charity, the Awesome Foundation is like a giving circle; each month, 10 trustees give $100 of their own money to fund the grant. Why do they do it? Here’s what some of them had to say:


Colleen Forrest: Children are our future and to be successful they need our support, respect and opportunities to learn, experience and gain confidence. The Awesome Foundation programs that we support are intended to give children in Newmarket that opportunity.  Having vision comes from believing in yourself and your community.

David Faingold, STS Inc.: “Although Newmarket is a relatively new home to me, I feel so welcome and rooted here. I think it is important to support others who feel strongly towards making our home town a better place to live for all its citizens. The Awesome Foundation enables me to support ideas other than my own that will aid in the prosperity of all.”

Diane Farmer, Dean of Awesomeness: “I am an Awesome trustee because I care about my community. I endeavour to help when I see the need, and I believe that by helping children succeed we are making the world a better place. I truly care about people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances and want to lend a hand up.”

Hollie Hoadley, Creative Solutions: “There are a few reasons I wanted to become an Awesome Foundation Trustee. One is to give back to the community and to watch youth flourish by having someone believe in them and their cause. Two, to be a part of the greater vision of Newmarket and to support the people in it. And three, to have the opportunity to be a part of awesome things happening to awesome people.” 

Jackie Playter, Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home: “All children should be able to follow their dreams despite some financial barriers. I feel that we should do all we can to nurture them and help them grow to their full potential. If I hadn’t had the support of the Lions Club and Salvation Army and many wonderful people I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Lee Sperry, Floors Direct North: "I've worked and lived in Newmarket for nearly 14 years, and I love the town. As a trustee, I get to help impact the lives of young people in our community and to help ensure a great future. That truly is awesome."

Michael Croxon, The NewRoads Automotive Group:  “I chose to become an Awesome Trustee in order to help fund worthy initiatives which make Newmarket a better place to live.”

Tracy Walter, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce: “Newmarket is among the top 25 places to live and work.  We have to continually commit to making it a vibrant and supportive community and striving for ways to make it better for our youth is one way of accomplishing that.  Who wouldn’t want a little more awesome?”

Wasim Jarrah, Keller Williams Realty Centres: “I became a trustee to give people the opportunity to make their awesome ideas a reality, and in turn make a positive difference in other people’s lives. I also wanted to see current ‘awesome’ ideas expanded to reach more people through the contributions of the foundation.”


Leslee Mason
20 Aug, 2019

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