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AWESOME FOUNDATION NEWMARKET FAQsFacebook button, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

Making Awesome happen, $1,000 at a time

1. What is the Awesome Foundation Newmarket?

Awesome Foundation Newmarket is a chapter of The Awesome Foundation, a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time.

Our chapter supports Awesome projects that benefit youth in Newmarket. We do this through $1,000 micro grants that we give out most months. These micro grants are awarded with no strings attached and are funded through 10 Awesome trustees, each of whom provides $100 of their own money.

2. Who can apply?

Anyone! There are no age restrictions and ideas can come from both individuals and groups. Ideas must benefit youth in Newmarket, Ontario.

3.   How do you choose the winner?

The Awesome Foundation Newmarket consists of 10 trustees. Each month, they individually review the ideas submitted and then each trustee chooses their top pick. The idea with the most votes receives the micro grant.

4.   What kind of information should my application include?

We don’t need pages of information, but it’s important to demonstrate that you’ve given your idea some thought. How will you implement your idea? If it’s an event, do you know when, where and how it will take place? Is this something you or your organization can manage? Will you need additional funds to implement your Awesome idea?

5.   Can I reapply if my idea isn’t chosen?

Absolutely! Before you do, it’s a good idea to take a second look at your application. Some months we get a bunch of truly Awesome ideas, and it comes down to choosing just one. Sometimes applications just don’t contain enough details, so we’re not able to fully gauge just how Awesome your idea truly is.

6.   I’ve applied a couple of times asking Awesome Foundation Newmarket to donate the grant to a great charity. Why was my idea rejected?

Newmarket is home to some truly Awesome charities and organizations, and we’re big fans of them! But the Awesome Foundation Newmarket doesn’t donate money—we provide micro grants to help groups or individuals implement Awesome ideas. In other words, you need to have a specific plan for how the Awesome micro grant will be used. For example, maybe it’s to implement a new project or fund a specific community initiative. In all cases, ideas should focus on benefitting youth in Newmarket.

7. I’ve received an Awesome Foundation Newmarket grant in the past; can I apply again?

We want to spread the Awesome, so while you can definitely reapply, your chances of receiving a micro grant probably aren’t as high the second time around.

8. When is the application deadline?

The cut-off date is always the 15th of every month.

9. Who are the Awesome Trustees?

Newmarket Awesome Foundation Newmarket couldn’t operate without its group of trustees. Read more about our trustees.

10. I’m interested in becoming an Awesome trustee. Where can I get more info?

Hey, that’s Awesome! Let’s talk! Send us a line.

Leslee Mason
15 Jun, 2023

In partnership with Scotiabank and with support from The MARC Group, the Newmarket Chamber is embarking on a significant undertaking supporting women leaders.



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